Web hacking algorithm

When we talk about web hacking, we will tend to lead to the negative activities that deface the main page on the web that has been infiltrated, but still a lot of things that maybe we can do but this.
Here I'll give a little overview of the web hacking algorithm.

1. It is clear that we must find vulnerabilities of the target web. Maybe it could of SQL Injection, RFI, LFI or LFD
2. After that we have to install a backdoor which is a web shell which we can access from the web, eg: R57, C99, C100 or the other.
3. Then we try to get a shell that can be done by using the connect back or make a backdoor port on terget.
4. Try to access the shell, if successful then we can proceed to the next stage, but if the target server using a firewall, then it most likely will not happen.
5. It is assumed that we are able to shell them, then the next step is we try to obtain root user privileges on the server tersbut termed rooting.Perlu we know that the Unix Operating System for rooting to note is its Linux kernel, for the operating system windows easier.
6. It is assumed that we already have the right to the root user through the process of rooting, then the next step is to make a new user which can be accessed with ssh.
7. Finally, we must remove the trace logs were we rooting process.

For step - a step above we can look at some sources ...

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