How to Install Telnet Backdoor on Windows Operating System

Telnet backdoor is to target the Windows operating system, while telnet backdoor is on the run then it will open a backdoor telnet port 5000, file too small only 4 Kb.

Download the program here Telnet_Backdoor
After you download Telnet Backdoor to extract the compressed then it will appear the first fruit of files, namely telnetbackdoor.exe

telnetbackdoor backdoor can be used as an alternative after you log onto a server that can be of the web hacking, hacking computers on the LAN, and so on.

Planting a backdoor way to run enough telnetbackdoor.exe, for example:

After the run, we live in a computer attacker run a program PuTTY and enter the victim's IP and port 5000 in the computer ..

After clicking Open will display as below.

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