Let us more aware of computer security

The development of the computer is so fast and already many of us who start dependency with a computer, other than that of the development application, the developers who continue to compete seen many make the product easy to use with features that are increasingly complex. On behalf of the target time and then test the program looks much the only test on the function, safety is often the stepchild.

Not a new look at the many web-hack, find applications in the gap and so forth, should be in developing an application we need to do the test, including from the security side and it needs to run well, if not then the threat to computer security will be even greater as the complexity of the program.

Currently hacking tutorials are so easy to obtain, both profiles on-site hackers, as well as in various books hacking. Plus software for hacking tool increasingly easy to use, for example using the Fast-Track (Automated Penetration Testing), this generally resulted in individuals who are known as hackers become decreased, but rather the threat of growing up because people can easily become the attacker and this is a threat for the public interest not to mention the increasing number of lay people who begin to recognize the computer without knowing how to secure the computers so that victims can be more and more.

Hacking as objects of thought makes the writer look at doing more with ethical hacking and unethical. For which no ethical experience of the authors of ancient times until today is the most widely performed by the people coupled with the many people who do not know to not care about computer security, so it was predictable that they become easy targets for the prankster or someone who has special purpose.

In this article the author invites developers to pay more attention to the security side which made the application in which the test measures not only on functionality but also on the security side, also to the user application also needs to pay more attention to the safety in using the application, if for example you want to use CMS with a particular component then at least an application to use safety inspected at least in general.

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