Hacking windows Password...

If you have successfully entered into the Windows system and want to get an account is easy. Because it's easy for us to get the window ... why I say it's easy!! because it has a program called pwdump n now until the series to 7.

The advantages of this series of seven is that is no longer necessary to run the file for the LSASS process PID pulist.exe pwdump required in earlier series., but we must include the library file named libeay32.dll in the folder where the file is located pwdump7.exe. Live pwdump7.exe fle run this, and appears is the Windows account information.

If you are confused to find this pwdump7 files, can be downloaded here

this is how to use it
first, into the target window system ..
as shown below.

we assumes that the pwdump7 and libeay32.dll files you have to put in the target system Windows drive c...
we went directly to the c:
as shown below.

PWDUMP7.exe file


Once signed on drive C, esksekusi pwdum7 directly with the command pwdump7.exe
as shown below.

will be directly out of his windows account
as shown below.

After we got her windows account, we live to crack passwords and the faster and more accurate programs is OphCrack.the next blog I will talk about it... OphCrack

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