encryption Password Joomla

Joomla has implemented a model called md5salt encryption.
example is faae726c2d28d65735ba190c5b249e54:G9A9HKtr7Go3xuBZRTUjIz0ufiyOBd8A

hash was found in the first part of faae726c2d28d65735ba190c5b249e54, nd salt was there at the end G9A9HKtr7Go3xuBZRTUjIz0ufiyOBd8A, they appear on separate them with a colon ":"
Salt for the attacker works to assist in finding the actual password.
Found here is if the password in plain text form saltnya join it will generate a password hash joomla. in other words, if : x + salt = hash joomla. so that if implemented through encryption md5 :

md5(x + salt) = hash
so :
md5(x + G9A9HKtr7Go3xuBZRTUjIz0ufiyOBd8A) = faae726c2d28d65735ba190c5b249e54

for crack it, we use a dictionary dictionary tool that can be downloaded at

congratulations to crack passwords joomla and good luck ....

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